Loans for unemployed 2020: how to get them

Are there loans for unemployed?

Are there loans for unemployed?

Well, first of all it depends on the guarantees that we can bring to our lender (banks and financial). But it also depends on the motivation behind the request: we need it to have liquidity ( personal loan to unemployed ) or it concerns a loan that is instrumental to a new job on one’s own account. In this and the next linked pages, we will deal with all the credit opportunities that an unemployed person has in Italy in 2020, analyzing all the forms of financing that can be disbursed to this weak social category.

Let’s start with the first, the safest and least problematic form of credit for an unemployed person: these are loans for unemployed with guarantor. The figure of the third guarantor guarantor is the main form of guarantee (not only for an unemployed person) that we can obtain from a third party. It will be fine to secure any type of loan.

Loans for unemployed persons

Loans for unemployed unemployed

The absence of the guarantor makes the disbursement more complex but it is still possible to obtain a loan against suitable guarantees. Let’s see which ones. A first form of collateral could be to own a property from which an annuity is obtained: e.g. the rent of an apartment, a land on which they have installed a wind power plant, etc. These forms of guarantee are important because we demonstrate that despite unemployment we have a small continuous income.

If this is missing or together with this, and always on condition that we have a property (also of third parties), we can authorize a mortgage registration on the same and obtain liquidity through a mortgage. Another form of guarantee, which concerns the majority of movable property, is that of pledged credit: in this case, the asset that we have pledged will guarantee. Then, the loans changed for the unemployed: they will go through, but only if they have one or more guarantees among the aforementioned… For these, see loans with promissory notes and who provides them in 2020. Let’s see what instead it is possible to do without guarantees some.

Loans for unemployed without guarantees

Loans for unemployed without guarantees

How to get them? Therefore, if the goal remains to obtain cash (cash), unfortunately, without guarantees, not even one of those described above, we will not find any bank or financial institution willing to finance us: it is the rule that no one escapes! Warning: without prejudice to the eventual emergency that leads you to apply for a loan, let’s not forget that under certain laws, the unemployed status is a “patrimony” that we can spend if we decide to start a business thanks to which we can start working. own.

This is a speech that we will deepen in the next pages, which will be divided into 2 topics depending on whether the unemployed person receives or is not unemployed: in the first case, we will have loans for those who perceive unemployment naspi, in the second case, we refer loans to unemployed people to open businesses.

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